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Selling And Buying Homes, Your Price, Your Way!

Did you know there are more ways than ever before to sell or buy a home? 

You can count on DLS Guaranteed Sold to share the best and most relevant options to sell, buy or move!

Why are you selling?

What is  most important to you in getting your home sold?

What do you believe should happen for that to be accomplished? 

Find out what selling options are available for your home.

Explore Your Selling Options


Take advantage of our Bid System and our Buyers-in-Waiting Database to complete your transactions on your timelines.

  • Buyers-in-waiting database with over 57,000 buyers
  • Guidance from our seasoned real estate professionals
  • Exposure to thousands of pre-qualified buyers
  • Includes Foreclosures, Bank Owned Properties, Builder Closeouts, Corporate Owned Homes, Divorce Sales, Property Exchanges, Distress Sales and other highly motivated sellers.

S​ell Easy

Skip the listing process and meet the selling schedule that works best for you.

  • Sell on Your Schedule and Choose Your Closing Date
  • Accept an Instant Cash Offer
  • Skip the Staging, Showing and Time Consuming Setup

Sell In​ Current Condition

You can sell your home in its current condition or financial state. This allows you to sell within days regardless of your circumstances.

- Get quick cash toward the purchase of your new home; or pay off your debts

- Save on the time, effort and cost for improvements and renovations

- Get the cash you need to put toward a new investment; owners often do their own renovations anyway.

How It Works With DLS Guaranteed Sold

When you choose DLS Guaranteed Sold, you won’t be disappointed! 

You can count on the guidance of our seasoned professional team to walk you through the process, so you can’t go wrong!

Contact Us 

We need a few small details about your home in order to help you decide on the best selling option for you! We will use big data to give you an instant, accurate estimate of your home value.

Receive Cash Off​er

Our Cash offer Team buys homes sight unseen, so you can get an offer price for your home. In many cases, we can present you with a fair, all-cash offer the same day. No obligations, No fees.

Sign Contract 

With a cash offer in hand, you get to decide if a cash offer is the right solution for you. If our offer works for you, sign our contract or do a counter offer. If it makes sense for the both of us we can work it out, if not we can go our separate ways. 

Sounds fair enough, right!

Close Quickly

We can often close in as quick as 7 days with our Cash Offer Program after we do our Due Diligence. You also have the flexibility to sell on the date you choose.. As a bonus we pay the closing cost and agent commission.


Find Out What Selling Options Are Available For Your Home.

Find Out What Your Home Is Really Worth! 

Knowing what your home is worth is important information if you plan on selling. 

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