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For credit repair services, if your credit score has not increased OR no negative items have been removed from your credit report during our 8 month contract we will gladly give you a full refund. If our team is working on inquiries ONLY, we will refund any inquiry that was not successfully removed from your credit report in 45 business days, and we will refund you for that amount.

Please note the inquiry analysis is a part of the credit repair package, inquiries have the possibility to be removed should they not be connected to any open accounts towards the end of your credit repair journey.If the password has changed throughout the process your file will remain at a standstill until the password is updated with Davis Luxury Solutions. Changing the password hinders our process when you do not notify us. Keep your password the same throughout the duration of the process. We will notify you should we not have access to your credit monitoring site. There is a 15-day grace period to allow you time to update Davis Luxury Solutions team via email: Should we not hear from you after our 15-day notice, your service will be canceled. Please be sure to remove all passcodes, make sure all passwords are accurate along with security answers and pins. NO REFUND or EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO NEGLIGENCE. All codes and pins are required for access, should we not receive them, this will delay the process again 


Unless advised, DO NOT RUN YOUR CREDIT by any means, new car, new home, new phone, etc. anything that will run your credit either a soft or hard inquiry is prohibited during this process. When you run your credit, there is a HIGH probability that the credit agencies will throw out our disputes for that month. So, therefore we will lose 45 days of work. IF ANY NEW inquiry appears on your credit profile while going through this credit repair journey YOU FORFEIT OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE as this hinders the process. A charge of $50 per new inquiry will have to be paid in full to remove any new inquiries. New collections are $100 per new collection to be paid in full to remove.

Do not work on your credit at the same time we are. Unless advised. The credit agencies will see multiple disputes at the same time and throw them out. You will FORFEIT ANY MONEY BACK should you take matters into your own hands within the contract of 8 months. NO if’s and or buts, once payment is made to Davis Luxury Solutions, we are contracted to work for 8 months. REGARDLESS of any information learned throughout this 8 month period.

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